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Time to unlock Dublin’s potential as a cruise liner home port

Today (August 17th) marks the deadline for submissions from Dublin City Councillors on their ideas as part of the Draft Dublin Development Plan which sets out how best to develop the city for the next six years.  A Fianna Fail Councillor is calling for Dublin Port to become Ireland’s ‘Home Port’.


In his submission to Dublin City Council Cllr Jim O’Callaghan pointed to the importance and value of developing Dublin Port so that it would become the ‘Home Port’ for cruise tourism in Ireland which would be capable of facilitating larger cruise ships and in turn a greater footfall of visitors to the Capital and beyond.  Development of Dublin Port as a ‘Home Port’ is an important means of protecting the Port’s position as Ireland’s pre-eminent cruise destination at a time when other ports are considering means of competing with Dublin.


O’Callaghan estimates an extra one million tourists could visit Dublin annually as a result of developing Dublin Port appropriately and is urging Dublin Airport Authority, Dublin Port and Dublin City Council to develop a strategy around the ‘Home Port’ idea to ensure that Dublin city can properly handle the volume of extra visitors.


“More than 100 cruise ships visit Dublin annually as our city is now considered to be a must see destination on cruise line itineraries, however we should be capable of facilitating more ships and larger ones.  We must have the infrastructure in place to grow this business that will produce tangible results to Dublin’s economy.  Dublin city will have the eyes of the global cruise tourism sector on it next year when the Cruise Europe Conference takes place here for the first time ever.  Involving over 200 delegates from the world’s leading cruise liners and suppliers, this three day event is a major opportunity to showcase Dublin as a top cruise tourism destination.  We need to grasp it with both hands,” stated O’Callaghan.



Cllr Jim O’Callaghan is a Fianna Fail Dublin City Councillor and Legal Advisor to the Fianna Fail Frontbench –  086-399 3807


  1. Motions in respect of Chapter 16.21 Dublin Port.


This Council agrees to include the following bullet points as factors the City Council will have regard to in assessing proposals for the Dublin Port Area:


  • The future development of complimentary cruise tourism facilities within and in proximity to Dublin Port.


  • Facilitating the redevelopment of Dublin Port to allow more and larger cruise ships to visit.


  • Facilitating plans to make Dublin Port “Home Port” for cruise tourism.




Dublin Port is one of the great amenities that the city possesses and cruise tourism is a growing form of tourism.  As a highly attractive tourist location, Dublin City Council should be encouraging and facilitating the development of Dublin Port so that more and larger cruise ships can visit the city.  


Fianna Fail Jim O’Callaghan, Frank Kennedy and Tom Brabazon.

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