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Trolley Crisis at St. Vincent’s Hospital

Flawed Fine Gael policy is the reason for the trolley crisis and this health policy will lead to more people on trolleys in St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“There are 51 people without a bed in St. Vincent’s Hospital today the 2nd February. This must be a record. How can a hospital be expected to function when you have patients without a bed?”

I am again warning that the crisis at the hospital is likely to get worse as the Government has left a €100m hole in the budget for hospitals this year.

“This is yet another example of this Government’s long list of broken promises. They said they would fix the health service, that there wouldn’t be people on trolleys and yet today there are 456 people around the country on trolleys and operations have been cancelled at hospitals all over the country.

“This is not just a cause of concern for patients it is also an issue of safety for staff. How can they be expected to work in these conditions?

The health service is at breaking point and there is a full scale disaster looming in our emergency departments”

St Vincents

Fianna Fáil