Fianna Fáil Representatives Urge Expansion of ‘Safe’ Nations List

Jim O'Callaghan. Photo by Tom Burke

Tánaiste Micheál Martin is receiving calls to include more countries as “safe” in efforts to intensify the crackdown on illegal immigration. An EU document mentioned by backbencher Jim O’Callaghan at a confidential party meeting indicates that Ireland counts among the EU nations with the least number of countries considered safe.

Martin has promised his peers he will review the strategies of other EU nations before responding to the party.

A total of 16 countries within the EU recognize a larger number of countries as safe compared to Ireland. Countries at the forefront, like the Netherlands, which lists 33 countries, and Cyprus, with 29, outpace Ireland.

Ireland currently identifies ten countries as safe, with the Government having added two more recently.

The report from the EU Agency for Asylum reveals that only four states list fewer countries as safe than Ireland, with 22 member states now utilizing these safe country lists.

“Several other European countries maintain longer lists of countries they consider safe, and Ireland ought to contemplate adding more countries to its roster,”

Mr. O’Callaghan stated.

“This designation procedure is integral to the international protection framework and will aid in accelerating applications, thus ensuring those deserving of international protection can receive a favorable decision promptly.”

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