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“Déanfainmid é le chéile. Is féidir linn.* ”

Jim O’Callaghan * We will do it together. We can.

The unity of our country and the unity of all the diverse peoples on this island is a core ambitionand an objective that motivates me in politics.

The Children's Act

Anyone charged with the murder of a child can avail of the current law to prevent them from being named.

Jim O’Callaghan and Jen Murnane O’Conn have drafted a Bill that changes this. The public should know the names of persons prosecuted for these terrible offences.

It’s now possible to read why Jim O’Callaghan drafted a new bill to amend Section 252 of the Children's Act and why the public deserve to know the names of those prosecuted for killing children.

He thinks there’s benefit in having politicians who spent part of their lives working in environments outside of politics and it helps him to develop more and become a better politician.

our main fights

The values we support

Build an Ireland for all here economic growth is felt across the nation, families can own their own home, streets are safe, hard work is rewarded and society takes care of its young, vulnerable and older people.


Supporting Farming Families, Protect and fund farmers. We want to ensure that Ireland is Brexit-ready and to do our utmost to protect our agri-food industry.


Securing a Brexit deal that works for Ireland, the EU and the UK is a core priority for Fianna Fáil. The UK is our nearest neighbour.


Crime is a blight on our society and must be addressed. We must tackle different types of crime and ensure that Ireland is a safe, happy place to live.

Cost of Living

From rent to insurance, health costs to mortgage rates, the cost of living in Ireland needs to be tackled.


To create a fair economy, we will make Ireland a global hub of innovation for SMEs and bring a better way of seeing economy.


Delivering better and improved care in our health service and putting patients first is Fianna Fáil’s priority. We will be ambitious but realistic.

Young Families

Young families all over Ireland are struggling to keep their heads above water. Despite Fine Gael spin, survey after surveyshows the cost of raising kids.

social protection

Fianna Fáil believes that the social welfare system is a crucial part of the fabric of Irish society as it is vital to combating poverty and social exclusion.