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The Political, economic and legal consequences of Irish reunification

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The Political, economic and legal consequences of Irish reunification - Document

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Amazon: Stop the eco vandalism of the rain forest in Brazil

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Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Bay South

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The Amazon rainforest is vital for containing climate change. It absorbs harmful carbon dioxide that otherwise would go into the atmosphere. We need to protect these lungs of the planet,…

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The political, economic and legal consequences of Irish reunification.

23 March 2021 • Jim O'Callaghan

I want to thank the Master and Fellows of Sidney Sussex College and, in particular, Professor Eugenio Biagini for inviting me to give this paper.…

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‘There should be a dedicated mental health professional for every school in the country’

27 February 2021 • Myles Buchanan Wicklow People

A Dominican College student is continuing to push for better mental health supports in schools. Fifteen-year-old Aisling Murphy set about working on the 'Mental Health…

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Fianna Fáil is a centre-left National party.

It aims to

(1) reunify Ireland,
(2) build public housing,
(3) reward hard work and promote business,
(4) protect the vulnerable,
(5) Cosain ár gcultúr agus teanga,
(6) save our environment.

Without Fianna Fáil, Irish politics will become deeply polarised in the same way as the politics of the UK, the USA and Northern Ireland.

About reunification

After Covid and Brexit have passed, reunification would become the biggest political issue facing this island and its people.

We need a strong Fianna Fáil party to direct that process in the same way as it directed the pathway to peace, working with John Hume.